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Sleeklens Lightroom Portrait Workflow

I've been using Lightroom for editing photos for approximately 10 years now. I photograph in RAW and load my images directly into Lighroom. Recently I had the opportunity to use the Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow for Lightroom by This workflow is very easy to use and follow, and I was so impressed with the final images. In a few simple clicks, I increased the brightness of my image exposure, smoothed skin and removed redness. They even have a great preset to 'define dark hair', and below you will see how it just makes a slight, yet, huge difference in my newborn family portrait. I also find the price point to be very affordable, considering you get a significant amount of brushes and presets included. Below you can see a before Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) image taken by my Canon 5d Mark iii, with 24-70mm lens, and the final image using only the brushes & actions by Sleeklens.

For more information and to purchase, here are the links:

Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow

Lightroom Presets

Professional Photo Editing Services

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