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Photoshop Blemishes Away on Newborn Skin

For almost 10 years now, I've been using Adobe editing software. Initially, I began using Photoshop Elements to digitally scrapbook memories, and I took loads of courses on how to really learn to use this software well. I was apart of an large American digital scrap booking community, and my designs got noticed by the owners. At which point I was asked to join their Creative Team. I enjoyed creating beautiful artwork for a couple years with this community, and became very confident in my Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom program skills. When you are researching a Newborn Photographer to capture your precious miracles, be sure to look through their portfolio, and find out if they are able to edit skin blemishes. Many babies have scratches and bruises just from pushing their way through the birth canal during childbirth. Some of these scratches will heal before your newborn session. Other times, your new babes will scratch themselves with their very sharp newborn nails....and the day of their photography session, never fails! Finally, many babies get what's known as 'newborn acne' (as shown in my bottom left image). This acne, which generally disappears within baby's first month, along with any other scratches and bruises can be easily removed in Lightroom or Photoshop by a trained professional, showcasing your baby's true beauty.

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